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Lifestyle Lens Options

During cataract surgery at South Texas Eye Consultants, the cloudy cataract lens is removed using the LenSx® femtosecond laser and replaced with a clear Intraocular Lens (IOL). Some centers offer only standard IOLs, but our doctors believe that our active cataract patients deserve options when it comes to their vision. We can help you determine the right IOL to improve your vision to meet your lifestyle and budget , but the choice of IOL is ultimately up to you.

Standard, Single-Focus IOL

A standard, single-focus IOL provides good vision correction for one distance only. This type of IOL is the most common because it is typically covered under insurance. Most patients opt to have distance vision pre-calculated into the lens prior to surgery, so glasses are often required for reading and other types of close-up work after surgery.


If you have cataracts in both eyes, the monovision technique of cataract surgery can be used to provide clear vision at all distances. Monovision in Corpus Christi, TX is achieved by configuring one IOL for close-up vision in one eye and configuring the other IOL for distance vision in the other eye.

Lifestyle Lens Options

If you are interested in living a life without glasses after cataract surgery in Corpus Christi, TX, you may want to consider our Lifestyle Lens options.

  • Astigmatism Correction (Toric IOLs)

If you wore glasses to correct astigmatism prior to getting cataracts, choosing a Toric IOL can reduce or eliminate astigmatism and significantly improve distance vision.

  • Multifocal IOLs (ReSTOR® IOLs)

If you wore glasses for up-close or distance vision, choosing a Multifocal IOL may allow you to see at all distances without glasses because these IOLs have multiple focusing zones pre-calculated into the lens.We recommend the AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® multifocal IOLs for our patients who wish to treat cataracts and correct presbyopia at the same time.

Lifestyle Lens options typically incur some out-of-pocket costs by patients, since they are not deemed medically necessary. However, if you want to improve your quality of life through the possibility of eliminating glasses and contacts, it may be worth the extra expense for the advanced lenses. We also offer cataract surgery financing to help make better vision more affordable.

The good news is that regardless of the type of IOL you choose, you can never redevelop a cataract in the new lens.

We can help you better understand the different types of IOL options that exist during a Cataract Consultation. Schedule your appointment today.

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